How to Create - and Finance - a Blog for Fundraising

The first part of creating and financing a fundraising blog is to understand that the money raised through donations will also need to go both towards the running of the business, and the fundraising cause. There are administration, staff, and operation costs that need to be paid if the organization wants to remain in operation. Where most fundraising businesses go wrong is by separating the fundraising money from the costs of taking care of the business. Instead the business owners find themselves trying to acquire loans or equity to afford the costs of running the business. If there is no other money coming in, the owners will have a hard time paying back the loan. The money for both the business and the event need to be integrated together instead of being seen as two separate accounts. Just as grocery stores charge more for products to balance the costs of running the business, fundraisers also need to take this approach. There should be more focus on reaching the people who donate the most money into a cause, and put less focus on other business enterprises to find money to keep a fundraiser in business.

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People who create a fundraising business should let the people who donate know that a percentage of the money will go towards the operation of the business, and explain why this must take place. Most people who donate will understand that a fundraiser needs to make their money to keep a business going somehow. When people who donate and the fundraiser business owners are cooperate with each other, it ensures that the fundraiser will continue to grow. People who donate become more involved in the fundraising process when they know that their money is going for both causes. A fundraising business that collapses will have been a futile attempt in raising money if the money ends up being lost.

The second part for creating and financing a fundraising blog is for a person to have a cause that is close to their heart. There are many causes that may resonate with someone who has had a personal crisis in their life, such as having a family member who has autism, or someone with cancer, Aids, or even a special needs child. The possibilities for raising funds for a worthy cause are limitless. Finding one that means a lot to a person will make them work that much harder to keep the project going. The reasons for needing a fundraiser are many. There are a lot of people who are in need, and there is not enough money to help them. Raising money from kind strangers is what makes the world go around. People who are planning to create a fundraising blog may need to register their organization as a non-profit organization before they start raising any money. This will ensure that the money being raised is going to the right cause.

The next step is to have a good story to tell. People need to believe in the organization that they are donating to. They also need to know how their money is being used for that cause, such as, is their money helping a child who has been orphaned, and has no one there to take care of them. Having a fundraising blog that addresses these issues will make it much more successful. While telling a story about the fundraising event, talk about what the story means to that person, how it has affected them, and how they came to the conclusion that they needed to create a fundraising organization for that particular cause. People love a good story, and having a great one will keep people donating their money to help others. We live in an altruistic society with people who believe in helping others who are less fortunate than them. People identify more with others who are in need because they believe that someday that could be them, or their family, and they would hope that people would step up and do the same for them in their time of need.

The next step is to get the fundraising blog out to the public. People can do this by taking advantage of their facebook, my space, and twitter accounts. Having a facebook account with thousands of friends, who also have thousands of friends on their facebook, will get the word out just that much faster. Having family and friends helping to get the word out to their business associates, facebook friends, or anyone else they know will keep the fundraiser going. Keeping the blog updated on a daily basis will keep people informed on the progress of the fundraising event.

The next step is to send thank you emails to people who have donated, and to keep them up-to-date on the progress of the event, where the money is going, how their donations have been helping the people in the cause. People like knowing that what they are doing is making a difference. Letting them know how appreciated they are for their generosity will be an incentive for them to keep donating, or to even donate to other causes.